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Stovetop Espresso Brew Guide

The classic stovetop espresso pot or Moka Pot brings back memories of our travels through Latin America. Our hosts always seemed to have "la greca" brewing, usually with spoonfuls of sugar swirling around bubbling espresso. We love the Moka Pot for its universal ability to produce flavorful espresso without the waste of a pod or the expense of a full-blown espresso machine. It's highly portable, nearly indestructible, and requires no electricity–making it great for home use and camping trips alike. We've outlined a simple guide to brewing with the essential kitchen tool below.

What you need: Moka Pot, coffee grinder, Espresso beans, and filtered water. It takes roughly 10 minutes to yield 3-9 2oz portions of espresso depending on the size of your pot.  

Step 1: Preparation

  • Grind espresso beans finely.

  • Unscrew the Moka Pot and remove the coffee filter.

  • Fill the bottom chamber with room temperature water up to the safety valve (round knob). 

    *Optional: Some prefer to use pre-boiled water to prevent coffee grounds from "cooking" before brewing. This adds an extra step to busy mornings and we haven't experienced a significant difference in flavor. We'll leave this up to you.

espresso maker


  • Replace the coffee filter on top of the bottom chamber and add freshly ground coffee, lightly patting down until full.

    moka pot


    fine ground coffee

    • Clean edges and screw the top half on tight.  

     Step 2: Brew

    • Place the Moka Pot over medium heat. Make sure that the flame doesn't go over the sides of the pot to prevent melting or burning the handle.

    stovetop espresso
    • The water will begin to boil after a few minutes, creating enough steam to push a steady stream of coffee through the top chamber. It's ready when the 'gurgling' sound starts to slow and the top is full of espresso (open the lid to check).

    Step 3: Enjoy

    • The final product will be stronger than drip, but lighter than traditional espresso in both taste and caffeine content. Enjoy it straight or add warm milk, more hot water, or sweetener to taste. ¡Salud!

      espresso coffee

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